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Harry Potter

Various Characters

Four Letters that Got Delivered (and One that Didn't) - G [~2500 words] Minerva-centric. Remus-centric. For [ profile] hp_fivethings 2009 (pinch hit).
Five letters Minerva McGonagall sent regarding Remus Lupin.

The Pursuit and the Penknife - R [~1100 words] Neville/Bellatrix. For [ profile] hp_cross_fest 2009.
Chasing Bellatrix was exactly what Neville expected it to be. Catching her was not. AU in which Bellatrix survived the Battle of Hogwarts and escaped capture.

Fidelity in the Eye of the Beholder - R [~1000 words] Regulus/James. For [ profile] hp_toujours 2009.
Regulus wasn't quite certain how he got into this situation in the first place, this arrangement with James Potter, but it was all James's fault.

Remus/Sirius Fic

Where the Lovelight Gleams - G [~1500 words] Remus/Sirius. For [ profile] rs_small_gifts 2010.
Christmas Eve just isn't the same for Remus and the boys when Sirius can't get away from work -- but early Christmas morning, he does his best to make it up to Remus.

Going on Fifteen - PG-13 [~1600 words] Remus/Sirius. For [ profile] rs_games 2010.
"Harry has a girlfriend," Remus says in a hushed voice, but Harry can still hear him from the bottom of the stairs. He shouldn't eavesdrop, but it's about him, so he has a right to know what they're saying.

The Wiz-Factor - PG-13 [~2500 words] Remus/Sirius. For [ profile] rs_small_gifts 2009.
Sirius Black has been trying to break into the music business for nearly twenty years. Remus Lupin sings drunken karaoke. Now a television talent competition is about to change both of their lives forever.

Ceiling Cracks - R [~1500 words] Remus/Sirius. For [ profile] rs_games 2009.
Sirius isn't sure that he exists. Remus has the memories to prove he does.

Release - R [~500 words] Remus/Sirius. For [ profile] rs_500 August 2009.
The moons when Remus is already tense and anxious are invariably the worst.

Maybe Now - PG [~1100 words] Remus/Sirius. For [ profile] rs_500 June 2009.
Telling one secret broke them apart. Telling a second might bring them closer together.

Not As Good As Naked Quidditch - PG-13 [~600 words] Remus/Sirius. For [ profile] rs_500 March 2009 (pinch hit).
Sirius thinks he has better things to do with his time than follow Remus around a silly carnival.

The Lie of Omission - PG [~1000 words] Remus/Sirius. For [ profile] rs_500 May 2009.
Two and a half years after first coming to stay with the Potters, Sirius thinks he might finally be ready to be completely honest with them.

Pre-Half-Blood Prince/Deathly Hallows Fic
Written 2002-2004.

Talking in Circles - G [~350 words] Remus/Minerva.
Professor Dumbledore has a talk with a flustered member of his staff. Set during PoA.

Hush, Little Baby - R [~3300 words] Sirius-centric.
There is only one true murder on Sirius's soul. Set during the first war.

Making Hate - PG-13 [~600 words] Sirius/Severus.
Making love isn't the only way. Sirius Black and Severus Snape find a new way to fight. Set during OotP.

The Plan - PG [~700 words] James-centric. James/Lily mentioned.
In the midst of war, James's marriage is ending, but he has a plan to make it through.


Gene Tierney - PG [~250 words] Hawkeye/BJ.
BJ began to strip, starting with his boots. "It's all about the overbite, is it? Is that what she has that I don't?"

Oh, Danny's Boy - PG [~500 words] Daniel Pierce-POV.
Daniel Pierce watches Hawkeye in the weeks after he arrives home and wonders how this man could possibly be his son.

Who's Afraid of the GI Bogeyman? - PG [~1200 words] Radar-POV.
Naïveté has its advantages. Radar is afraid of the dark, but it's the rest of the 4077th who truly have uncontrollable fears. A series of short vignettes, c. season 7. Companion piece to Are You There, God? It's Me, Francis.

Are You There, God? It's Me, Francis. - PG [~300 words] Mulcahy-centric.
Father Mulcahy's companion piece to Who's Afraid of the GI Bogeyman?

In My Father's House - PG [~550 words] Hawkeye-centric.
Hawkeye is haunted by who he used to be.

The Secret Life of Mr. BJ Hunnicutt - PG [~450 words] Hawkeye/BJ.
A love story between two straight men.

Other Fic

Billy Elliot

Second Dance, Second Chance - PG-13 [~1000 words] Billy/Michael.
Billy and Michael dance around sore subjects during a late night ballet lesson in the Everington Boys' Club.


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